Shoe Hooks Blue

15,00 €
  • two shoe hooks in each box
  • boxed Staecklers include adhesive pads, screws & wall anchors

Staeckler Blue

Two blue Staeckler hooks on a wall Coordinate your Staeckler colors with your shoe collection


Staeckler shoe hooks hold any size trainer, clipping gently onto the heel and releasing with a slight upward twist.


Each pack of hooks comes with everything you need for installation, including screws and anchors for walls or adhesive pads to attach to laminate furniture or tiles. They can be installed in the tightest of spaces or laid out as a showcase of your latest kicks.


Each Staeckler hook is made from sturdy ABS plastic and is strong enough to take a beating while also not leaving any marks on your shoes.



What size shoes can I hang on the Staeckler?
The Staeckler will work with almost any shoe that has a heel, but it works best with low-rise sneakers. We've tested it with everything from a pair of Air Max's to Chuck Taylors to toddler's Nike's and they've all held up well.

Where can I see them in shops?
Check out our Stockists page to find a retailer near you, or check our Twitter feed for the announcements about special events and collaborations.

What about high-tops?
You can fit most high tops on a Staeckler, though if you have really large feet and tall high tops it may be pushing it. Go ahead and try them, if your shoes don't fit you can always send a picture of the shoe-fail to and we'll try to sort you out.

What about high heels / sandals / birkenstocks / huaraches / and all the other kinds of shoes in the world?
The Staeckler was made with sneakers in mind, though it should work for most shoes with a heel. We're constantly developing new products and looking for ways to make Staecklers work for all your footwear, so if you've got some shoes you really want to hang up but don't think the regular Staeckler will work then please get in touch!